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Branding the BlogOsphere - Control Your Brand

Who Controls your Brand in the Blogosphere?
Currently The Blogosphere includes:
  • 50,000 new articles added to blogs every hour
  • Over 1.2 million articles a day
  • Over 2.5 billion links
  • Over 35 million blogs and growing
  • Blogs have over 55 million readers
  • The blogosphere is sixty times bigger now than it was three years ago

Optional Blog Marketing Services

The “BlogOsphere” is defined as "the community of blog writers and blog readers". The blogosphere has seen unprecedented growth over the last few years. The recent popularity of blogs among consumers seeking product and company/business testimonials or product reviews for real people establishes the need for businesses to target their potential and future market segments in the BlogOsphere. Blogs are an essential marketing tool for all types of companies. There are currently over 35 million blogs online, with another 75,000 new blogs appearing every day. The time to join this community and establish your brand in the blogosphere is now!

Our programs enable you to control and direct what your brand is in the blogosphere. Ensuring that now and in the future your reputation and message is what you desire. Whether the purpose of your web site is to supply information to customers, to sell product or to promote your brand, companies who do not have a presence in the blogosphere are missing a critical opportunity to increase their market share.

Blog Marketing and Business Consumers
It has been well documented that consumers begin the buying process online. In fact, 88% of 18-29yr olds, and 84% of 30-49yr olds use the internet to research products before they buy. An increasing number of people are turning to blogs for the same kind of information every day. An estimated 30% + of buyers regularly read blogs and use their findings to make a buying decision.

Business Blog Marketing will help you brand your company in the blogosphere.
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